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Before and After Pictures from Strongsville
Encapsulation in Strongsville, Ohio

Encapsulation in Strongsville, Ohio

Before After
Encapsulation in Strongsville, Ohio Encapsulation in Strongsville, Ohio

The Basement Guys were contacted by a couple in Strongsville, Ohio that needed a free estimate for the crawl space. It was letting water inside, causing a wet environment and the homeowner was interested in having it encapsulated and waterproofed. 

They were quoted for the job and scheduled us to begin working! The crawl space was encapsulated and it solved the waterproofing issues. Call The Basement Guys today for a free estimate in Strongsville, Ohio.

Concrete Repair in Strongsville, OH

Concrete Repair in Strongsville, OH

Before After
Concrete Repair in Strongsville, OH Concrete Repair in Strongsville, OH

A homeowner in Strongsville, Ohio was in need of of some serious concrete repair on their sidewalk. They have a sidewalk slab that was lifted about 4 inches above the slab next to it which was a serious trip hazard for the family. They didn't want to have to pour a whole new slab so they looked for a company that does concrete repair and found The Basement Guys. They were able to schedule the estimate and get an appointment right away while working around the homeowners schedule. The crew arrived at the job site and got right to work. They recommended their PolyLevel® injection which is a foam that raises slabs to make them level with each other. The job was completed within a timely manner and the homeowners couldn't be happier with how well the completed look was. Now having a level and trip hazard-free sidewalk and can use the sidewalk without any problems. For any of your concrete repair needs call The Basement Guys for a free estimate today!

Garage Concrete Repair in Strongsville, OH

Garage Concrete Repair in Strongsville, OH

Before After
Garage Concrete Repair in Strongsville, OH Garage Concrete Repair in Strongsville, OH

This Strongsville, Ohio homeowner noticed he has uneven slabs in his driveway as well as a drain hole on the right side that was hard for him to just ignore. He was unable to pull all the way through his garage because he didn't want any further damage. He knew he needed this fixed right away. The Basement Guys were super close to him and he gave us a call. He got a free estimate and was able to schedule a service appointment as well after the estimate was complete. The Basement guys were able to work around his schedule and get him in as soon as possible. The team got to this house and got to work. The crew used our Polylevel® to raise and level out the garage. He now has an even driveway with no potholes. If you need your concrete repaired give The Basement Guys a call for a free estimate today!

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Experts in basement waterproofing, foundation & concrete repair, & crawl space repairs in Strongsville, Ohio

Does your home have damp basement walls, foundation settlement, a musty crawl space, uneven or sinking concrete, or other problems? Contact the home improvement experts at The Basement Guys® Cleveland today! We have been providing lasting solutions, dependable service, and skilled technicians to Strongsville, Ohio homeowners since 2000.

Click below to learn more about our quality, customizable basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, basement finishing services. We offer free estimates throughout Strongsville, Ohio and nearby!

Why more homeowners in Strongsville choose us:

  • Custom-designed basement, crawl space & foundation solutions
  • Exclusive patented, proven products
  • Transferable lifetime warranty on drainage systems
  • Flexible financing options

Basement waterproofing & basement remodeling pros in Strongsville

Does your home have a musty, humid, and wet basement? The Basement Guys® Cleveland provides a foolproof basement waterproofing system designed to create a dry, comfortable, and usable below-grade space - and keep it that way for years to come with french drainage systems, sump pumps, waterproof flooring, dehumidifiers, and more!

Once your basement is dry, we can take your project a step further and create the space of your dreams. Whether you want to build a gaming room, a play area, a man cave, or a new bedroom, the only limit is your imagination. Our complete basement finishing services include a design consultation with Total Basement Vision - our interactive software program, custom-designed plans, innovative products, and a professional installation for beautiful, long-lasting results!

So whether you want to create a drier space or a new in-law apartment, we can make your dream basement a reality! Schedule a free service estimate in Strongsville to learn more.

Long-lasting foundation repair services in Strongsville

No matter how small the damage, if foundation issues are left unrepaired, they can worsen and cause problems for the entire home. But there is no reason to worry. From bowing basement walls to foundation settlement and cracked foundation walls, The Basement Guys® Cleveland offers solutions for all kinds of foundation damage. Our innovative foundation repair solutions have been tested and proven effective in hundreds of homes throughout North America.

Our foundation repair solutions include:

  • Foundation piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Cracked foundation repairs
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Foundation settlement repairs
  • And more!

Schedule a free foundation repair estimate today. We proudly serve Strongsville areas and nearby!

Moisture-proof crawl space repair & encapsulation in Strongsville

Does your home have a damp, smelly, and musty crawl space? Let The Basement Guys® Cleveland help with our CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system. With a completely moisture-proof vapor barrier, an innovative crawl space sump pump, an energy-efficient crawl space dehumidifier, and other crawl space repair solutions, we can completely seal off your below-grade space from outdoor elements and keep it dry and sealed for years to come.

To learn more, schedule a free crawl space encapsulation and repair estimate. We proudly serve Strongsville areas and nearby.

Strongsville, OH’s Cracked, Damaged Concrete Repair Company

Do you have cracked or damaged concrete on your property? Our concrete sealing and cracked concrete repair products offer great value, can be installed quickly, and are proven to last for years to come. Improve your home’s curb appeal, safety, and value today by scheduling your free concrete repair estimate! We provide concrete repair in Strongsville and nearby in [city_page:state].

Concrete Damage We Fix in Strongsville:

  • Uneven concrete on driveway or sidewalk
  • Uneven pool deck or patio
  • Sinking stoop or sidewalk
  • Cracked/broken concrete
  • Sunken concrete driveway

Contact us today to learn more about our concrete repair services in Strongsville, OH.

Free estimates for basement waterproofing, foundation repairs, & more!

If you live in Strongsville, OH or the surrounding area, contact us to schedule your free consultation and cost estimate for basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, basement finishing, foundation repair services.

Services offered in Strongsville

  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Interior Drainage Systems
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Energy-Efficient Dehumidifiers
  • Waterproof Flooring
  • Waterproof Wall Panels
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Crawl Space Support Posts
  • Cracked Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Settlement Repair
  • Bowing Basement Wall Repair
  • Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Piers
  • Foundation Wall Repair
  • Foundation Floor Repair
  • Spray Concrete Services
  • And More!
Job Stories From Strongsville, OH
Concrete Leveling in Strongsville, OH

In Strongsville, Ohio, a vigilant homeowner took the proactive step of having his concrete driveway, a common victim of our region's ever-changing weather patterns, lifted and leveled. Over time, harsh freeze-thaw cycles, soil erosion, and settlement had left their mark, resulting in an uneven and cracked driveway.


Uneven driveways pose serious risks, from tripping hazards to vehicle damage. It was with these concerns in mind that our expert concrete repair team embarked on a mission to restore not just the driveway's appearance but its safety and functionality as well.


We employed PolyLevel, a state-of-the-art expanding foam solution designed to lift and level sunken concrete without major excavation. With meticulous precision, we injected the foam beneath the surface, watching as the concrete gently rose to its former glory.


An uneven driveway is more than just an eyesore—it's a potential danger. Partner with us to safeguard your property and elevate your curb appeal. Your journey towards a safer, more inviting driveway begins today, with a free in-home estimate from our team.

Remodeling a Basement in Strongsville, OH

A new homeowner in Strongsville, Ohio was excited about the possibility of creating a space in his new home where the whole family could play and have fun. There was virtually boundless potential in the home's unfinished basement, but he could never get around to remodeling it himself due to the hectic demands of work and family.


He decided to reach out to The Basement Guys® to help him create a basement rec room and play area for his kids. We sent one of our finishing experts to John's house, and they worked with him to design a space that perfectly fit his vision. With the plan in place, our team got to work. We installed new EverLast™ wall panels, which would prevent water damage and mold growth for years to come. New vinyl trim added a vibrant splash of light to the space, while a brand new partition wall helped divide it into two distinct areas while also masking some unsightly support beams.


When the project was complete, the owner and his family were ecstatic. The kids loved their new play area, and the rest of the house was thrilled to have a dedicated space for family entertainment.


Thanks to The Basement Guys®, this revitalized space became the heart of the family home. They spent countless hours playing games, watching movies, and creating memories that would last a lifetime.


Ready to take your basement finishing plans to the next level? Connect with us today to arrange a complimentary service estimate.

Interior Concrete Leveling in Strongsville, OH

A couple of homeowners in Strongsville, Ohio had just finished converting their basement into a finished living space. However, they noticed after they had completed their project that the floors had started to sink in some areas, especially around the new heavy furniture in the space. They grew concerned about the safety of the area and wanted to get it fixed immediately. After consulting with the concrete leveling experts at The Basement Guys®, they had a plan.


We drilled small holes into the sunken areas of the concrete slab floor and injected PolyLevel® expanding foam underneath. As the foam expanded and solidified, it lifted the concrete slabs back into place.


The process was quick and clean, and the sunken areas were now perfectly level. This ensured a safe living space while also making sure they didn't have to start this extensive renovation project from scratch.


Looking for fast, convenient and durable interior slab leveling? Call today to schedule a free PolyLevel® service estimate.

Basement Crack Repair in Strongsville, OH

As the heavy spring rain piled up, a damp spot appeared on the basement floor of a Strongsville, Ohio home. After investigating, the homeowners discovered several cracks in the foundation wall that were causing water to seep in.


Concerned about the potential damage this could cause to their home, they immediately started looking for solutions. They knew they needed to hire professionals who had experience dealing with this type of issue. After some research, they decided to hire The Basement Guys® to assess the situation. Our waterproofing expert explained that we would need to patch and seal the crack with a flexible watertight sealant.


Our FlexiSpan® polyurethane solution was the perfect treatment for the affected wall. Once in place, it resists drying out or tearing, ensuring reliable protection from the elements and a tight seal that would keep the basement dry for years to come.


Don't wait for your basement leak issues to become worse. Take action today with help from The Basement Guys®. Call today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Lifting and Leveling Concrete Slabs in Strongsville, OH

Sam, a homeowner in Strongsville, Ohio, had been having trouble with his garage for months. The concrete slabs had shifted and sank over time, causing his car to bounce as he drove in and out. Not only was it annoying, but it was also potentially dangerous to his kids in the backseat. He knew he had to do something about it before someone got hurt. After doing some research, he decided to hire The Basement Guys® to level the concrete slabs using PolyLevel® expanding foam injections.


This new and innovative concrete leveling technique delivers fast, reliable and long-lasting support for sunken concrete both indoors and out. Our concrete repair team drills small holes in the concrete and then injects a polyurethane foam, which expands and hardens to fill in the soil below and lift the slabs to the correct height. It was a quick and efficient process, and within a few hours, the garage floor was level again.


Sam was thrilled with the results. He could now drive in and out of his garage without any issues, and he no longer had to worry about someone tripping over the uneven slabs. It was a small job, but it made a big difference in his daily life. Could you use the same peace of mind? Contact us today to arrange a free no-obligation concrete repair estimate.

Foundation Pier Support in Strongsville, OH

One couple recently grew concerned after noticing worrying signs of foundation problems in their Strongsville, Ohio home. Doors and windows were becoming harder to open and close, cracks had begun to appear in the walls, and the floors were uneven. The homeowners knew it was time to call in the experts at The Basement Guys®.


After taking a closer look at the home, our foundation repair team recommended the use of foundation piers to stabilize and level the home's foundation. Since the soil conditions underneath the home fluctuated between smooth and rocky, both helical and push piers offered unique advantages throughout the process.


Our team began installing the piers around the perimeter of the house, using hydraulics to carefully lift and level the foundation as they went. In time, the home was once again stable and secure, with no signs of the settlement issues that had been causing the household so much stress. For foundation problems ranging from settlement to wall failure, trust The Basement Guys® to deliver exceptional and comprehensive service. Call today to request a no-obligation service estimate for your home.

Interior Slab Leveling in Strongsville, OH

Matt and Kelsey had finally achieved their dream of owning their own home. Their charming house in Strongsville, Ohio, offered plenty of space for their growing family. However, the couple quickly discovered that their basement had a serious problem: the concrete slab floor was uneven and sloped in several areas.


They knew that this was a serious issue that needed to be addressed, so they came to The Basement Guys® for help. Our PolyLevel® concrete leveling system is ideal for everything from sunken driveways to in-ground pool decks, but expanding foam injections work just as well for interior slab leveling.


Polyurethane expanding foam was injected underneath the sloped concrete slabs through small holes, and as it expanded, it raised the slabs to the desired level. The process was surprisingly quick and efficient, and soon the concrete slab was level and smooth. The new homeowners were thrilled with the results and couldn't believe how much of a difference it made to their basement. They could now use the space for storage, a playroom for their children, or even as an additional living area.


Whether you're worried about tripping hazards on your walkway or uneven slabs in the basement, PolyLevel® can even out your home in hours. To learn more, call us today and schedule a no-cost concrete leveling estimate.

Foundation Repair with Helical Piers in Strongsville, OH

After enjoying the space for many years, one Strongsville, Ohio family noticed their sunroom was beginning to tilt and sink on one side. They knew they had to act fast before the problem became worse. After researching their options, they called The Basement Guys® to level and stabilize the sunroom.


Our team of foundation repair professionals arrived promptly and got to work. They assessed the situation and recommended using helical piers to get underneath the sunken side of the foundation and lift it out of the soil. Then, using a small excavator, they dug a small hole at each designated spot.


Next, they screwed the helical piers into the soil using a powerful hydraulic motor until they reached the appropriate depth. Once they were securely in place, the team used hydraulic jacks to lift the sunroom back into its original position. They carefully monitored the process to ensure the structure was level and stable.


The homeowners could now enjoy their sunroom without worrying about its safety. Foundation piers offer long-term stability without major excavation or disruption to the home. To learn more about the advantages of using helical piers on your sunken foundation, call The Basement Guys® today and request a free estimate.

Cracked Basement Repair in Strongsville, OH

The appearance of a long vertical crack along the basement wall of one Strongsville, Ohio home was the cause of a serious headache for the homeowner. During rainstorms and other weather events, this crack would leak water into the basement, causing discoloration and warping to the affected area. A leaky basement wall is often only the beginning. As the leak intensifies, it can break down the rest of the wall and lead to floods, wall failure and other serious hazards. To avoid those future issues, the homeowner called The Basement Guys®.


Our waterproofing team had an easy fix for this problem. Our three-phase FlexiSpan® wall crack repair system offered comprehensive protection from further leaks and cracks. First, we filled in the gap with a powerful foam sealant. Then, to more effectively prevent water from breaching the crack, we treated it with a porous foam solution designed to catch and repel water. And lastly, as an extra layer of security, we covered each side of the crack with a thin and waterproof membrane.


Thanks to comprehensive care from The Basement Guys®, this wall crack problem was taken care of before it could spiral into a number of bigger complications. Do you have problematic cracks in your basement foundation? Call us today to arrange a free in-home estimate from our expert team.

Foundation Support in Strongsville, OH

Homeowner Ryan T. of Strongsville, Ohio was worried about the integrity of his living room floors. They started to feel springy and loose in certain spots, and in a very active household with young children and pets, safety was a top priority. Upon further investigation, he noticed that the concrete beams that held up the floor joists in his basement had begun to sink. This left the joists less secure, and the floor sagged accordingly. To take care of this problem before it got any worse, he called The Basement Guys®.


Once we took a closer look at his space, we were able to recommend our SmartJack® foundation support posts. We placed sturdy galvanized steel beams deep within the foundation floor, then adjusted the jacks on top to tighten and level the fit against the floor joists. These supports provided durable, lasting reinforcement for the sagging floors above, and were able to slightly lift it back in place before further sinking could occur.


Have you noticed unusually bouncy floors in your home? It's possible you could use the same support. To find out more, call The Basement Guys® today and schedule a free foundation repair estimate.

Waterproofing A Basement in Strongsville, OH

Homeowners in Strongsville, Ohio were in the midst of a project to convert their finished basement into a home gym and storage area. Since the property was situated on a relatively steep slope, the risk of water intrusion or flooding was above average. With that in mind, the homeowners wanted a powerful basement drainage system in place before their remodeling work could begin in earnest. They called The Basement Guys® for a free consultation.


Our first suggestion was to install new drain pipes below the concrete floor. Our WaterGuard® below floor drainage system was the perfect solution. These French drains rest beneath the floor and just above the foundation footing, providing easy and clog-free water collection.


Then, we routed the WaterGuard® drains out to our TripleSafe™ sump pump system. This top-of-the-line water removal system contains essentially three sump pumps in one, with two backups designed for situations like power outages and extreme flooding.


Finally, to keep the air in the basement fresh and dry even after long home gym sessions, we installed a SaniDry Sedona portable air dehumidifier. In addition to eliminating moisture buildup that leads to dank, musty odors, the Sedona also filters out particles such as mold spores and dust to maintain clean, fresh air in the basement.


If your basement needs comprehensive waterproofing services, call The Basement Guys® for a free estimate.

Concrete Leveling in Strongsville, OH

David G., a homeowner in Strongsville, Ohio, had previously gotten his concrete walkway mud jacked. This process involves pumping a mortar-based slurry underneath concrete that has begun to settle in order to lift it upwards. However, mud jacking alone is an invasive and temporary solution to concrete settlement, and the slabs rose unevenly. After evaluating his options, David called The Basement Guys® for assistance.


Our expert team recommended using our PolyLevel® leveling injection foam as a more practical solution to this issue. After injecting lightweight polymer foam under the slabs, the solution begins to expand and harden, lifting and leveling in a much more precise and durable way than traditional mud jacking allows. Once the slabs were in place, we finished by filling the cracks with NexusFoam sealant to perfectly restore the walkway.


If you're in need of a simpler and more durable alternative to mud jacking, contact The Basement Guys® today and schedule a free service estimate.

Sinking Home Gets Helical Piers in Strongsville, OH

A home located in Strongsville, Ohio was starting to settle, however, it was not settling in a way that is keeping the foundation in good health. After calling The Basement Guys, the homeowner advised us that vertical cracking on internal walls along with horizontal cracking on the exterior was starting to occur. This made the exterior siding on the home start to bend and accrue damage and crack.  Because of this, our professionals got out the home and assessed that the home's foundation was sinking. Our team proposed installing Helical Piers to lift the foundation from underneath. Once the client accepted we got right to work. We brought our machinery and all the supplies necessary and our experts got down and dirty. Once dirt was removed from the house and a hole was dug out with enough room for installation, our guys went down and ensured everything was ready with their own hands and dug a little more. Finally, the Helical Piers were installed and this foundation was carefully lifted from underneath. Now, this home owner will never have to worry about their home sinking and settling in a damaging manor ever again. 


If you are experiencing your home sinking, keep in mind that here at The Basement Guys we service all foundations! Call today to receive your free estimate!

Driveway Revamp in Strongsville, OH

Part of a Strongsville, Ohio driveway was cracked and sinking. The homeowner was concerned about putting it off and the damage becoming damaged to the point of no repair. The Basement Guys were able to apply NexusPro and PolyLevel® to this driveway. Combining these products fixed the cracks and leveled a couple of sunken slabs. If you have a cracked or sunken driveway, contact The Basement Guys to receive your free estimate.

PolyLevel® Fills the Voids in Strongsville, OH

Chipmunks were burrowing underneath the flooring of his detached garage. The little critters were causing some of the slabs to sink and move because of the burrowing. The Strongsville, Ohio homeowner was in search of a solution to the problem and to relevel the sunken concrete. After receiving a free estimate from The Basement Guys, the homeowner was thrilled to utilize PolyLevel® to fix the sinking concrete problem. The product would also fill the void that had formed below the concrete surface. The takes away any space for the chipmunks to run around. If you have sinking concrete, allow The Basement Guys to give you the perfect solution.

Water Intrusion Resolved in Strongsville, OH

When a Strongsville, Ohio homeowner walked into his basement and discovered a heavy stream of water coming in from one of the corners, he immediately went into panic mode. Once he got in contact with The Basement Guys, all of his anxiety and concerns disappeared. Our team was able to give him solutions to the water intrusion problem and answer any questions he had regarding the process. The homeowner left the free estimate appointment feeling better than ever. If you are looking for a basement waterproofing company, contact The Basement Guys today for your free estimate!

Cracked Concrete Repair in Strongsville, OH

A homeowner in Strongsville, Ohio had a cracked driveway and sidewalk at their home that needed repairing. The concrete being uneven and cracked was a tripping hazard for the family and they wanted it repaired as soon as possible. They called The Basement Guys for their free estimate. They got quoted within their price range and went through with repair. The professionals had said the NexusPro® which is to seal any cracks and gaps, and the PolyLevel® to lift the concrete slabs to make them even with each other. The team was able to do the repair quickly and efficiently. The homeowners were very happy with how their concrete was now level and safe for their kids to run around on. For any of your concrete repair needs call The Basement Guys for your free estimate today! 

Stabilizing a Foundation Wall in Strongsville, OH

A Strongsville, Ohio homeowner called The Basement Guys with concerns about the vertical cracks on the interior of his foundation walls and the horizontal cracks on the exterior walls of his home. The visible basement wall cracks were creating concern for the foundation of this home. Luckily for the homeowner, The Basement Guys were able to offer a solution to the cracking. To prevent any future cracks in the basement walls and to prevent the current basement wall cracks from growing any larger in size, The Basement Guys were able to install a PowerBrace™ system in the home. This system was able to stabilize the foundation of this home and stop any further damage from happening. 

If you are having foundation problems in your home, contact The Basement Guys for a free estimate today!

Water Intrusion Repair in Strongsville, OH

Homeowners in Strongsville, Ohio noticed the water damage in their basement causing mold and mildew to build up. The seepage of water was causing the floor to be uneven by the stairs making it hazardous. The couple wanted to fix their wet basement problem before it got worse. They looked online and found The Basement Guys services easily and gave us a call. The Basement Guys was able to go out for a free estimate and diagnose the problem, and find a easy and affordable solution to their problem. The two were pleased with the initial visit and our team analyzing the problem in a timely manner.  Our waterproofing team decided on installing a WaterGuard® drain. Our WaterGuard® system was installed underground around the perimeter of the basement helping guide the water away from the mud zone preventing this drain from clogging. The team was able to complete the installation leaving the couple pleased and with a dry basement. The couple is now able to enjoy their basement safely and make it a storage spot for all of there personal items. If you or someone you know is experiencing basement water damage give our team a call for a free estimate.

Waterproofing a Strongsville, Ohio Basement

A couple in Strongsville, Ohio noticed that water was seeping into their basement after rain storms. 


They reached out to The Basement Guys to resolve the issue quickly. After a thorough examination of the inside and outside of the home, one of our sales representatives quoted the homeowners for a WaterGuard® Drainage System.


WaterGuard® is installed below the floor and is designed to collect water and move it to the sump pump. Once installed, the concrete is replaced to keep the area looking untouched. 

WaterGuard® also comes with a written lifetime warranty, so the homeowners will not have to worry about water getting into their basement again. 


For a free estimate to waterproof your basement, contact The Basement Guys today.

Egress Window for Strongsville, Ohio Home

Homeowners in the Strongsville, Ohio area contacted The Basement Guys about their leaky basement window. They had water seeping into their basement at the corners and noticed a draft. 


One of our certified field inspectors quoted the pair for an egress window and our team installed a Rockwell™ Egress window with a window well.


Need your basement window replaced? Call us today for a free estimate.

Strongsville, Ohio Home Receives Backup Sump Pump

A homeowner in Strongsville, Ohio contacted The Basement Guys regarding a backup sump pump. There had been a lot of heavy rains recently, and he was interested in having another sump pump option.


One of our representatives quoted him for our UltraSump® Battery Backup System.


In the event of a loss of power, the battery backup will automatically kick in and begin removing water from his basement, preventing a flood.


In need of a sump pump or backup battery? Call The Basement Guys today for a free estimate.

Musty Smell Eliminated in Strongsville, OH

A homeowner in Strongsville, Ohio was experiencing a leaky basement. It was beginning to make the rest of the home smell a bit musty and mildew was beginning to form in the area. He wanted to get this issue taken care of as quickly as possible and decided to reach out to The Basement Guys for assistance. Our team was able to offer the resolution of having a WaterGuard® Below Floor Drain installed in the basement of this home. This system would help stop the leakage from entering the basement by rerouting the water to a brand new sump pump that was installed by our team. The drainage system was able to take care of the leak, but our Basement Professionals still wanted to be able to help this homeowner with the stench that was lurking around the home. The Basement Guys suggested having a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier installed in the basement, as well. This would help to avoid any dampness from the air and eliminate the musty smell that resides in the basement. If your home smells musty or mildewy, contact The Basement Guys for a free estimate today!

WaterGuard in Strongsville, Ohio

One Strongsville, Ohio homeowner, Nate, was working in his basement when he discovered water coming in on two different walls. Nate knew that this was a problem which started his research for the best contractor in his area. The Basement Guys were one of the companies Nate called for an estimate. 

Our salesperson, Tyler, visited the Strongsville home and found the water issues the homeowner mentioned. After going over all the possible options, Tyler suggested that The Basement Guys install a WaterGuard System to waterproof the basement. This system will prevent any more water from entering the basement, giving Nate a new dry living space! 

After a few days to think it over, the homeowner decided he wanted to fix his roof at the same time. Unfortunately, The Basement Guys won’t be introducing roof services until the summer of 2021 and because of that, Nate decided to wait until we add roofing. 

If you think you might have water issues in your basement, call The Basement Guys at 1-844-277-9773 or visit our website