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WaterGuard Interior System
DryTrak Drainage Channel
TrenchDrain Drain Grate
IceGuard Discharge Line
FlexiSpan Wall Crack Repair
Polyurethane Crack Sealing
WellDuct Window Drainage
BrightWall Waterproof Panels
ThermalDry Wall Barrier
Basement To Beautiful Pre-finishing Wall Insulation Panels
Drain Tile Installation
SuperSump Pump System
TripleSafe Pumping System
UltraSump Battery Back Up
Sanidry Dehumidifier

Finishing / Remodeling
Everlast Wall Panels
Insulated Wall Panels
Premier And Linen Ceiling Tiles: No-sag Warranty
Thermal Dry Floor Tiles
Sunhouse Window Wells
Everlast Window Replacement
Rockwell Egress Window

Interior Slab Leveling

Concrete Repair
Pool Deck Repair
Sidewalk Repair
Driveway Repair

Before and After Pictures from Kent
PolyLevel® Lifts Sidewalk in Kent, Ohio

PolyLevel® Lifts Sidewalk in Kent, Ohio

Before After
PolyLevel® Lifts Sidewalk in Kent, Ohio PolyLevel® Lifts Sidewalk in Kent, Ohio

The Basement Guys were contacted for a free estimate by homeowners in Kent. They were looking to lift the sunken concrete, as well as filling large cracks. Our team used PolyLevel® to lift and it looks great! Contact us today to get started with a free estimate.  

Lifted Patio in Kent, Ohio Using PolyLevel®

Lifted Patio in Kent, Ohio Using PolyLevel®

Before After
Lifted Patio in Kent, Ohio Using PolyLevel® Lifted Patio in Kent, Ohio Using PolyLevel®

A patio in Kent, Ohio had a large gap down the center and was sinking into the soil. The Basement Guys were contacted for a free estimate and talked to the homeowners about PolyLevel®. Our team got the job done and restored the patio to its original height! Call us today for a free estimate

Front Step Concrete Repair in Kent, OH

Front Step Concrete Repair in Kent, OH

Before After
Front Step Concrete Repair in Kent, OH Front Step Concrete Repair in Kent, OH

There is a family in Kent, Ohio who had a sunken stairstep leading to their front door they wanted to be repaired. They called The Basement Guys to do the concrete repair. They were able to get an appointment set within their busy schedule and get right to work. The concrete professionals recommended the PolyLevel injection to level the step to make it level to the front patio. The family was happy with how fast the job was completed and to now have a new-looking entryway that is level. For all of your concrete repair issues call The Basement guys for a free estimate today!

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Trusted basement waterproofing, foundation repairs, basement finishing, & more in Ohio

Do you have a nasty, wet basement, bowing foundation walls, a musty crawl space, or other problems throughout your home? The Basement Guys® Cleveland uses superior products and unique solutions to transform the look, feel, and function of homes in Kent and throughout Ohio. With a wide range of basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, basement finishing, foundation repair options we can strengthen your foundation and create a more comfortable, beautiful home overall. We're your local expert for all your basement, crawl space needs.

We have provided quality basement waterproofing, foundation repair, basement finishing, crawl space encapsulation services throughout Ohio since 2000. So no matter what your basement or crawl space needs, you can have confidence in The Basement Guys® Cleveland.

Why homeowners choose us:

  • Transferable Lifetime Warranty on Our Basement Waterproofing System
  • 25-Year Transferable Warranty on the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System
  • Fast, Free Written Estimates
  • Flexible Financing Options

Basement waterproofing & finishing in Kent

You may have noticed damp basement walls or water puddles from time to time or maybe your basement is prone to flooding during the rainy season. If this sounds like your basement, it may be time to consider basement waterproofing. Water and moisture in the basement can lead to mold and mildew growth, rotted wood, peeling paint, mold and mildew growth, rotted wood, and damage to your stored items. If you're experiencing basement leaks or flooding, The Basement Guys® Cleveland can help.

Our basement waterproofing products include:

  • Basement sump pumps
  • Interior perimeter drainage systems
  • Basement dehumidifiers
  • Wall and floor crack repair
  • Insulated basement wall panels
  • Waterproof basement flooring

Are you looking to finish or remodel your basement? We install the Total Basement Finishing System with products that are resistant to moisture damage and mold growth. We can help you transform your basement into space you'll love!

Crawl space encapsulation & repair in Kent

Many homeowners don't know they have a water or moisture problem in their crawl space until it's affecting the rest of the home. Cold floors, bouncy floor joists, drywall cracks, mold, musty odors, and worsening allergy and asthma symptoms are common symptoms associated with issues in the crawl space.

Our crawl space repair solutions include:

  • Vapor barriers
  • Crawl space dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space sump pumps

If you have moisture or mold problems in your crawl space, we can install our heavy-duty CleanSpace vapor barrier to keep the crawl space dry. Our crawl space encapsulation system includes a 25-year warranty against rips and tears, so you'll finally be able to use your crawl space for storage without worry!

Foundation repair in Kent

If your home has bowing basement walls, sticking windows, and doors, a cracked foundation, or other signs of structural damage, contact the experts at The Basement Guys® Cleveland. Foundation problems only get worse over time and even the smallest of issues can end up causing major issues for the entire home. That is why we provide the best products and solutions to your home.

Our foundation repair solutions include:

  • Foundation piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Foundation crack repairs
  • Foundation settlement repairs

Sometimes foundation cracks are caused by normal settlement and other times they could be a symptom of a more serious structural problem. The Basement Guys® Cleveland never recommends a solution that you don't need. Our goal is to educate you on all of the options and let you choose the best solution for your needs and budget.

Proven Concrete Repair in Kent, OH

Cracked or damaged concrete can greatly reduce the value and curb appeal of your Kent home. Upgrade your home’s curb appeal by fixing your cracked concrete sidewalk or driveway today. Our contractors provide trusted, proven solutions for concrete crack repair and concrete sealing in Kent.

Signs you need concrete repair:

  • Uneven concrete on driveway or sidewalk
  • Uneven pool deck or patio
  • Sinking stoop or sidewalk
  • Cracked/broken concrete
  • Sunken concrete driveway

Call or click today to learn more about our concrete repair services in Kent, [city_page:state].

Free estimates for basement waterproofing, foundation repair, & more in Kent, OH

If you're looking to get a cost estimate on your basement waterproofing, basement finishing, crawl space encapsulation, or foundation repair project in Kent, OH, or nearby, contact The Basement Guys® Cleveland today to schedule your no-obligation inspection, which includes a FREE estimate!

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Job Stories From Kent, OH
Foundation Repair in Kent, OH

In Kent, Ohio, a homeowner noticed concerning cracks beginning to affect the structural integrity of his foundation wall. if left untreated. Water intrusion, compromised stability, and potential basement flooding are just some of the consequences that can arise. Recognizing the significance of these issues, he promptly reached out to the trusted foundation repair team at The Basement Guys®.


Upon assessment, we recommended a highly effective and non-invasive solution: CarbonArmor® carbon fiber support straps. These cutting-edge wall braces are renowned for their incredible strength and durability. We started by applying a high-strength epoxy to bond the carbon fiber strap securely to the wall, and then affixing the strap. This reinforcement immediately restores the structural integrity of the foundation, preventing further cracking and ensuring long-term stability.


By addressing the issue promptly with our carbon fiber support strap solution, the homeowner in Kent, Ohio, not only averted potential disasters but also made a wise investment in the longevity and safety of his home. Looking for the same peace of mind? Schedule a free in-home estimate with our pros today.

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Kent, OH

Cindi, a homeowner in Kent, Ohio, recently worked with The Basement Guys to fortify her home against the lurking threat of water infiltration in her crawl space. Aware of the potential risks—mold growth, structural damage, and compromised indoor air quality—she entrusted our seasoned waterproofing experts to safeguard her space.


We began by installing a heavy-duty CleanSpace crawl space floor lining that formed an impermeable barrier against moisture. Water-resistant SilverGlo wall panels were strategically placed to ward off any potential intrusions, ensuring a dry and healthy crawl space environment. Complementing these measures, we introduced a portable SaniDry Sedona crawl space dehumidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels, further thwarting the risk of moisture-related issues.


Water in a crawl space is a menace that can jeopardize your entire home's well-being. At The Basement Guys, we are steadfast in our commitment to preserving the safety of your home. We understand the value of a secure foundation, and our comprehensive approach to crawl space waterproofing guarantees your peace of mind. To learn more, request a free estimate from our pros today.

Securing a Leaky Basement in Kent, OH

After living in his cozy Kent, Ohio home for the past decade, one homeowner grew concerned. He loved his home, but signs of water seeping through basement windows and trickling down the walls indicated a major headache. Every time it rained, he would find water pooling in the basement, causing damage to his property and making his living space unpleasant.


After some research, the homeowner opted to have The Basement Guys® install a French drain system in the basement. Our WaterGuard® perimeter drainage system was the perfect way to keep his basement dry without affecting the usable space in the room. We dug a narrow trench around the perimeter of the basement, where the walls meet the floor. Then, we laid down our clog-resistant drainage pipe system before filling in the excavation site and restoring the floors to as good as new.


Once in place, the pipes redirect water from the walls before it has a chance to breach the interior of the home. This simple and effective solution ensured that the homeowner no longer had to worry about water intrusion in his basement. He felt much more comfortable in his home, and he could finally use his basement as a living space without any fear of serious property or structural damage.


For lasting waterproofing solutions, look no further than The Basement Guys®. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

Basement Waterproofing in Kent, OH

Recent heavy storms and pounding rain exposed some major vulnerabilities in the basement of one Kent, Ohio, home. Settlement in the foundation caused by soil erosion led to cracks, which eventually sprang leaks that would send water seeping into the space during strong rains. Looking to get the problem taken care of for good, the homeowner called The Basement Guys®.




Our team of waterproofing experts recommended new drainage and a sump pump to ensure that water in the basement would be cycled out before serious damage could occur. WaterGuard® French drains installed along the base of the cracked walls were the ideal solution for collecting accumulated seepage and rerouting it for removal, while a SuperSump® sump pump system hooked up to a weatherproof IceGuard® discharge line ensured lasting support.




The homeowner was relieved and grateful to have a dry and healthy basement once again. This effective solution is only a sample of the waterproofing products and services offered by the Basement Guys®. Whatever your space needs, give us a call today for a complimentary basement waterproofing estimate to get started.

Flooded Basement Repair in Kent, OH

A homeowner in Kent, Ohio experienced a flooded basement following a storm. To treat the water damage that occurred and prevent future floods, she contacted The Basement Guys®. Our team of Basement Professionals recommended the installation of a brand new sump pump to cycle water out of the basement. The cast iron SuperPump® system was installed, and damaged walls and floors were restored. These advanced pump systems have been tested under extreme conditions to ensure reliable performance and safety in your home. Looking to upgrade your basement water pump system? Contact The Basement Guys® for a free estimate.

Creating a Dry Basement in Kent, OH

After purchasing a new home in Kent, Ohio, Ms. Smith noticed a small puddle would form in the basement after heavy rainfall. This created some concern with the new homeowner because she had plans of finishing the basement to become a more functional space. She knew it would be a waste of time, effort, and money to begin the finishing project before the water was taken care of. The Basement Guys were able to present the option of installing WaterGuard® Below Floor Drain around the perimeter of the basement and installing a sump pump to pair with it. Ms. Smith was thrilled with this option because the drain would be completely hidden, allowing her to use the entire space how she wants to. She was so happy with The Basement Guys that she wants to use the same company to begin the basement finishing portion of her home renovations, as well. If you have any unwanted water in your basement or are ready to take on a basement finishing project, contact The Basement Guys today for a free estimate!

Remodeled Basement Playroom in Kent, OH

Laura and Dan are local homeowners in Kent, Ohio that was looking to finish their basement. The last time their basement was remodel was before they bought it so it was definitely time for a change. 

The Basement Guys were selected by the homeowners to renovate their basement. Since Dan and Laura did not have any specific design ideas, we sent one of our Basement Professionals that is also a design expert. Tyler spent several hours with the homeowners’ design every inch of their basement so The Basement Guys can build them their dream basement. 

Once their design was finalized, our experienced crew went to work! The first step is to remove all of the old materials including wallboards and flooring. After the demo part is complete, The Basement Guys started the remodeling process. The next thing Dan and Laura knew, they had a brand new basement that their kids have already taken over! 

If you are ready for a change, let The Basement Guys help you with that process! Call us at 1-844-277-9773 or fill out our form here.