Case Studies

Gutter Installation Case Studies: Fully Customizable GutterShutter™ Installation in West Salem, Ohio

Thursday, July 29th, 2021 by Cheyenne Brown


A gutter system in West Salem, Ohio collapsed and came off the home. The gutter was clogged with an excessive amount of debris that prevented the free flow of water. All that weight is what caused the gutter system to fall. While searching for a company that could help repair the gutter, this homeowner came across The Basement Guys.


He was drawn to our company because we offer the installation of GutterShutter™. The feature that set The Basement Guys apart was the option to customize the color of the gutter system that would be attached to the home. Maintaining curb appeal was important to this homeowner. He appreciated the option to have a forest green gutter system installed.

Our team went out to assess the situation and to provide a free estimate. The Basement Guys got right to work. The previous gutter system was removed and a GutterShutter™ system replaced it. The new system is guaranteed to never pull from the home or clog. It was the perfect solution for this home. It gave the homeowner exactly the resolution to their gutter problem and allowed for the protection his home needed.

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