Case Studies

Foundation Repair Case Studies: Lowellville, Ohio CarbonArmor® Supports

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021 by Leslie Uphouse


A Lowellville, Ohio man discovered that a basement wall in his new house was bowing. As a recent homeowner, he began researching products he believed would help, and stumbled upon CarbonArmor® online. He knew this was the right solution and reached out to several companies, but each one said they do not use CarbonArmor®. 


The Basement Guys were contacted and he was excited that we used CarbonArmor® for foundational repair. He scheduled a free estimate with us and our representative visited his house to get an idea of how many he would need.

After quoting him for 7 CarbonArmor® straps, the man agreed to let us do the job, and our team was scheduled to work. Contact The Basement Guys today to get started on your Lowellville, Ohio basement!