Case Studies

Foundation Repair Case Studies: Water Damage Solutions in Carrollton, Ohio

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 by Cheyenne Brown


A 1950 home in Carrollton, Ohio was seeping water into the basement following heavy rain. The water was coming in from the corners and at the base of the foundation walls. There have been mold growth on the walls and the room appears to be damp. There are not any cracks or bowing in the wall, though. This created confusion with the homeowner because she did not know where the water was coming in from. The confusion is what influenced the homeowner to contact The Basement Guys for professional help.


Our team was able to go into this Carrollton, Ohio home and diagnose the problem. There was cracking in the flooring that was causing the water leakage. Once the problem was identified, the team was able to offer solutions to repair it. The first part of the solution was to repair the cracking that was in the floor. The next step was to waterproof the space. This included installing a WaterGuard® Below Floor Drain, a TripleSafe™ Sump Pump System, and BrightWall® Basement Wall Panels in this home. These products are all used to eliminate unwanted water and reduce the amount of mold that grows in the basement. Combining more products creates better results. For a free estimate, contact The Basement Guys today!