Case Studies

Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: SmartJacks® Repairs Sagging Floors in Jefferson, Ohio

Monday, July 19th, 2021 by Cheyenne Brown


Interior floors that are not properly stabilized underneath can begin to sag or even break in more severe cases. When beams in crawl spaces under your home break, it leads to an unstable structure within your home. One homeowner in Jefferson, Ohio was experiencing extreme sagging in their home. He wanted to get a professional's opinion. Our Basement Professionals were able to offer a free estimate for solving this problem.


Once our team was able to go and assess the problem at this home, they were able to offer the homeowner options for repairing the sagging floors. The problem with the interior floors has to do with what was holding them up from the bottom. Upon arrival at this home, our team was able to diagnose that the problem was with the beams in the crawl space. These beams were beginning to sink or settle into the earth below. As they were sinking, they were bringing the floor joists down with them. A SmartJack® Reinforcement System was installed in this crawl space. This system is intended to be a strong support to the floor joists. It is a permanent solution because they can be adjusted at any point to continue to supply support.
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