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Concrete Repair Before & After Photos

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PolyLevel® Around Pool in Hammondsville, Ohio

New homeowners in Hammondsville, Ohio noticed the concrete surrounding their inground pool was sunken in several areas, causing unevenness. The Basement Guys® were contacted for a free estimate and quoted the homeowners for PolyLevel®. Our team was able to lift the concrete to its original height. The homeowners cannot wait for warmer weather so they can open up their pool!


Cracks by Diving Board Sealed in Alliance, Ohio

In Alliance, Ohio, a homeowner noticed a lot of cracks on his pool deck. The Basement Guys™ were able to use NexusPro sealant to fix the gaps and smooth out the deck for a clean and beautiful look. Just look at the difference. 

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Pool Deck Repair in Alliance, OH

Homeowners in Alliance, Ohio were concerned about their pool deck being a tripping hazard to the kids. The homeowners reached out to The Basement Guys for some help. The concrete repair specialists decided to use PolyLevel® to fill and lift the concrete slabs. This PolyLevel® is injected under the slabs to make all of their slabs level with one another. The homeowners are very pleased with the fast installation and quick results. If you need your pool deck repaired give The Basement Guys a call for your free estimate today.

PolyLevel® and Pool Deck Repair in Alliance, Ohio

A homeowner in Alliance, Ohio realized that his pool deck was uneven and cracked. He called The Basement Guys™ and their team, using PolyLevel® injection and sealant, was able to completely fix the problem. Now he can beat the heat in his beautiful pool. If your deck is sinking or cracked, don't hesitate and call The Basement Guys™ for a free estimate.

Sinking Pool Patio in Rootstown, Ohio

Homeowners in Rootstown, Ohio noticed the concrete patio surrounding their inground pool was sunken in several areas, causing unevenness. 


The homeowners contacted The Basement Guys® for a free estimate. A sales representative was sent out to examine the issues and quoted them for PolyLevel® and NexusPro®. The PolyLevel® was injected to lift and stabilize the concrete. The NexusPro® sealant was inserted into the cracks, giving the concrete a uniform, finished appearance. 


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