Work Requests in Cleveland

The Basement Guys® Cleveland is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Cleveland. Learn more about The Basement Guys® Cleveland's recent work requests in Cleveland and nearby areas!

Learn more about The Basement Guys® Cleveland's recent work requests in Cleveland, OH
Vicinity of Rosewood Ave in Cleveland
My basement has a wet smell and bugs
Vicinity of Manor Ave in Cleveland
Corroding steel post in basement
Vicinity of in Cleveland
My pump is not working I need a new one I think the motor is jammed up
Vicinity of Virginia Drive in Cleveland
Need an estimate on small crawl space insulation as part of home sale.
Vicinity of Holly Lane in Cleveland
Water in basement coming from ground saturation. Sump pump is working but not pumping out enough water to keep up with saturated ground due to rain and snow melting
Vicinity of Preston Rd in Cleveland
Basement needs waterproofing
Vicinity of Genesee Ave in Cleveland
Uneven concrete floor, wall structure, updating partially finished portion and washer/dryer area
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I need beams to be fixed or replaced in the basement of my house. Beams are rusted and dry rotted.
Vicinity of Lardet Ave in Cleveland
Bricks missing car hit front wall
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I think I need foundation repair
Vicinity of Meadowvale Ave in Cleveland
When it rain sometime not all the time rain come into the basement had the water plumb out about 3 times by diff plumbers
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Rear or the house is dropping and one of the short walls is separating.
Vicinity of Goller Ave. in Cleveland
My basement needs a floor and working bathroom and shower. Also needs a space for laundry. It's wet and not really useable.
Vicinity of Gifford Ave in Cleveland
I need my basement finished, carpeted/tiled, etc.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
3 walls bowing
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Basement is wet water comes in when it rain
Vicinity of Catherine Street in Cleveland
Looking to Finish 1/2 of basement
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Basement was partially finished by previous owners and we are interested in completing the project (finishing dry wall, installing trim and molding, laying flooring on the steps, etc.)
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Need to replace gutters on my house without paying a arm and a leg.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
We have an unfinished basement with a crawl space that we're debating having finished and sealed better, respectively. It's probably a 500 sq ft space if I had to guess. It's been water proofed via a french drain type system back in 2016. We're looking to get quotes on how much it would cost to add the walls, flooring, and drop ceiling plus seal up/insulate the crawl space better. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Water when it rains. Cracked foundation .Mold
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Interested in finishing off basement. The home is 95 yrs old. In fair shape. Not sure what can be done
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I have a broken gutter on the back of my one car garage at a rental property, I'm wanting to get an estimate on what that may take to fix or replace. Please call me at your earliest convenience. I would like to get this fixed ASAP.
Vicinity of Fir Avenue in Cleveland
Water in basement after heavy rain. Is this something you do? I prefer to be contacted via email. Thank you.
Vicinity of Fischer Rd. in Cleveland
I have an existing Basement System's basement waterproof installation and wanted to get information on regular maintenance service.
Vicinity of Martin Luther King Jr Dr in Cleveland
We would like to update the basement
Vicinity of Milburn Ave in Cleveland
Vicinity of WOODHAWK Dr in Cleveland
Recently had a flooded basement and would like to see about adding a sump pump or two, a backflow drain stopper and potentially another drain.
Vicinity of Kingston Rd in Cleveland
Ideas and estimates for basement finish
Vicinity of Parkway Drive in Cleveland
Vicinity of Edgewater in Cleveland
We are moving and would like to create a carpeted playroom for our kids and would like to ensure it is done properly to address any moisture concerns as it is an old house.
Vicinity of Meredith Ave in Cleveland
Leak in the basement
Vicinity of Caronia Dr in Cleveland
We get water in our basement after it rains and are looking to remedy the situation.
Vicinity of Harris Rd in Cleveland
Small leak in basement when it rains
Vicinity of Imperial Ave in Cleveland
Moisture and water in basement.
Vicinity of Wichita Avenue in Cleveland
Basement floor need a new layer leveled, walls leaking and need a cleaner finish
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I have a sump pump in my home and It suppose to remove the water, but some water still got in my basement during the big rain we just had, but it didn't go all over the basement? I need my sump pump check and I need too know if there are any cracks that could've cause the water to come in? This was the first time this has occurred and it has rain before.
Vicinity of Edgehill Rd in Cleveland
Two spots in the basement appear to be leaking water. We just bought the house 3 months ago and the home inspector noticed some mold like growth on the wall that may be from water
Vicinity of Saybrook Drive in Cleveland
Leaking water on basement
Vicinity of Belleshire Ave in Cleveland
My basement keep overflowing when we had a real bad rain storms I need to stop that from happening
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Outside water coming through basement walls into the inside
Vicinity of Fry Rd in Cleveland
Basement leaking water issues
Vicinity of Henritze in Cleveland
Needs water proofing on the left side of the house, approximately 50ft.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I have an old basement that seems to be leaking from the ground level. I am having some mold issues as well
Vicinity of S Highland Ave in Cleveland
Looking to remodel and utilize my basment into a guest room or playroom.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Water intrusion in basement.
Vicinity of Bethany Rd in Cleveland
13x22 basement Drywall and carpet Office Entertainment center
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Wet basement
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Our son recently moved into his first (small) home in Cleveland. Very interested in finishing part of the basement very soon to get more living space. We are from out of state but will be there this weekend if someone could possibly meet us there late Saturday afternoon, Sunday or very early Monday walk through the space and discuss options. Alternatively if someone could come by before then and we could talk while they walk through. (He's in the Kamms Corner/Westpark area.) Thank you!
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I would like to finish my basement. Approximately 800 sq ft. Nothing fancy, just looking for functional and clean.
Vicinity of Westwood Road in Cleveland
Unfinished crawl space smells
Vicinity of Glendale Ave in Cleveland
Water coming in the basement during a heavy rain found mold on the walls of the basement
Vicinity of Harland Avenue in Cleveland
Cracks in basement floor; Water seepage in basement where wall and floor meet
Vicinity of Jackson Blvd in Cleveland
Basement remodel residential
Vicinity of South Sagamore in Cleveland
Adding a basement bedroom and need to replace one of the glass block windows with an egress window.
Vicinity of Wellington Rd in Cleveland
Want a strong system to keep my basement dry and not smelly
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I want turn my basement into a finished room with bathroom
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Need a sump pump replacement
Vicinity of Saint Mark Ave in Cleveland
Basement walls are wet we put the termo sealed still wet
Vicinity of Willowbrook Dr in Cleveland
Vertical crack in cinder block foundation. About 12" long, kind of wide. No water intrusion. House i am purchasing and need the crack inspected asap. Can provide picture.
Vicinity of Windward Rd in Cleveland
Our basement is getting water in it when it rains heavily.
Vicinity of Lakeshore Blvd. in Cleveland
Basement leaking
Vicinity of Parkridge Ave. in Cleveland
We just had a baby and need to add some extra livable space to our two bedroom house. Whether that is another bedroom, a family room, and/or an office, we are totally open to ideas.
Vicinity of Glendale Avenue in Cleveland
Basement floor wet after rain in multiple areas.
Vicinity of BIG CREEK PARKWAY in Cleveland
We have water in our crawl space and would like to know where it is coming from and how much it is to fix it. We are selling our home and a buyer backed out because of this so we need it fixed as soon as possible. Thank you!
Vicinity of Walden Ave in Cleveland
Want my basement done
Vicinity of Naomi Ave in Cleveland
Have some occasional dampness in one corner of the basement we need to get taken care of and also looking for a basic/simple finish of the space.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I see cracks on my walls house is very old pretty sure it needs foundation work and also might be intrested in basement repair bit my number one priority is the foundation
Vicinity of Independence Rd in Cleveland
Water is coming in my basement from an old doorway that was previously blocked in
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Hello, I live in Ohio City and have water that consistently creeps in the basement's foundation after heavy rains. Thank you
Vicinity of Red Raven Rd in Cleveland
Build a bedroom in the basement
Vicinity of ShadyOak Blvd in Cleveland
Foundation of my house cracked, basement flooded. The basement will be fixed on July 6th. Need a estimate on how much it will be to refinish what was already done.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Porch slab is crack and settling needs bracing
Vicinity of Roanoke in Cleveland
Basement needs waterproofing, drainage has not worked for some time and that has also led to some leaning of the west and east walls
Vicinity of Andover in Cleveland
Cracks in basement floor. Water did it in once after a heavy rain about 2months ago.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Wet leaking water in to the basement
Vicinity of Norma Drive in Cleveland
Had Insulation and vapor barrier replaced a few years ago in crawl space , animals have torn down and is hanging, needs replacement.
Vicinity of Rocky River Dr in Cleveland
I need a quote for exterior basement waterproofing. Partially finished basement. Sometimes carpet is wet. Some moisture damage to base molding. Some water leaking through foundation.
Vicinity of Judson Dr in Cleveland
Wall leaks and water seepage from floor
Vicinity of Pearldale in Cleveland
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Story Road in Cleveland
We recently bought a house that has water in the basement. We would like the basement waterproofed and possibly finished.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I have cracks and holes in my basement floor. I had an exterminator come out who says it is from mice and possibly the home settling?
Vicinity of Flamingo Ave in Cleveland
Basement floor sealed/ finished
Vicinity of Flamingo Ave in Cleveland
Basement floor sealed/ finished
Vicinity of Strandhill Road in Cleveland
I need an estimate for basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Kingston Road in Cleveland
Would like to get an estimate on waterproofing and finishing my basement. Thanks!
Vicinity of O'Neal in Cleveland
Interested in doing work to finish basement. Installation of bathroom and a few walls.
Vicinity of Quilliams Rd in Cleveland
Bowing wall cracks sinking brick work
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Basement leak
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Water seaping in along over half south side basement wall and corner of east side wall about 4 ft up from floor.
Vicinity of Cambridge Ln in Cleveland
Basement flooded twice in a month. This time sump pump stopped working. It's over 10 years old
Vicinity of Derbyshire Dr in Cleveland
Flooding basement
Vicinity of Birchwold Rd in Cleveland
Basement remodel, the space is 288 sq ft.
Vicinity of Felch Street in Cleveland
My basement is finished. Every time it rains the basement floor is wet. Would like an estimate and a representative to come out and examine and give me an estimate.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
We have leaking in our basement from all of the hard rain and noticed our gutters aren't draining either.
Vicinity of Behrwald Ave in Cleveland
Sump pump Repair quote
Vicinity of Bonniewood Dr in Cleveland
Cracking and shifting in s.w.corner of house
Vicinity of Chadbourne Road in Cleveland
Waterproofing in general. a few floor cracks. Sub grade bay window in the back needs to be replaced and window well needs to be rebuilt.
Vicinity of Spencer Rd in Cleveland
Looking to add bedroom and bathroom in basement so would need an egress window
Vicinity of Brookside Drive in Cleveland
I will like to waterproof and finish my basement.
Vicinity of Sandhurst Dr in Cleveland
Floor has slight slope. Door frame is uneven. Door rubs.
Vicinity of GIFFORD AVE. in Cleveland
Water comming into basement
Vicinity of Laurel Rd in Cleveland
Support beams needed
Vicinity of in Cleveland
We have an unfinished basement with a crawl space. We're looking to have the insulation in the crawl space fixed (it's falling down and the room above gets cold) and get it sealed better. We want to at least get a quote for partially finishing the basement, too. Contact me anytime. Thanks!
Vicinity of Plymouth Road in Cleveland
Basement remodel
Vicinity of South Sagamore Rd in Cleveland
Need 6 new window wells.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
A small 1910 bungalow with partial basement behind our primary residence is having substantial foundation issues/failure. Fixing this is our first step in rehabing the house. One wall (east) was compromised years ago when a large truck came through the adjacent alley, and has since begun caving in. A second(south) is bowing. The north also has a hole, but it is an internal wall.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
My basement is spacious, and I'm looking to make it a more desirable chilling area.
Vicinity of Algiers Drive in Cleveland
Water gets into rec room of basement after storms/heavy rains. Rec room faces the front of the house. Didn't used to in the past. Has happened twice now since September 2019.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
We have an unfinished basement (400-500 sq ft?) that we'd like to partially finish through a professional contractor. We'd like to make into three parts: 1) storage, 2) laundy/utility, and 3) living/play space (we have three young kids). We were thinking of have the framing, insulation, and ceiling done professionally and we could do some of the other tasks as we're fairly handy. We're always open to suggestions, though.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Our crawl space has insulation falling, has had a history of water creeping into it, and the room above is regularly colder than the rest of the house.
Vicinity of Genesee Ave in Cleveland
Partially finished basement with drop tile ceiling, wood paneling and carpet on half basement. Concrete floor is uneven and looking to level at least put down new carpet with thicker pad. Possibly hang drywall in place of wood paneling.
Vicinity of Craigmere Dr. in Cleveland
Have a small amount of water in basement, heard running water from gutter drain in basement.
Vicinity of Farringdon Ave in Cleveland
Basement floor
Vicinity of in Cleveland
I have some cracks on the wall in my house and some crumbling masonry behind waterproofing paint in my basement. I want to see if any of this is due to foundation and/or water issues.
Vicinity of Daisy Ave in Cleveland
Moist basement, smell and mold.
Vicinity of in Cleveland
Looked up on line I need to know how much it would cost to turn our first home the basement in the a bedroom and a couple living room area the house is 988sqft I'm just curious on price