Basement Crack Repairs

Basement Floor & Wall Crack Repair in Ohio

We can repair flooding, leaking cracks in your basement or crawl space

basement floor crack repair system in Ohio

Floods from the floor. Basement floor cracks expose basements to water underneath the slab.

When water starts to leak through your basement walls or floors, it can quickly lead to a very serious flood in your home. The Basement Guys® Cleveland understands how all different types of basement leaks are caused, which is why we provide a variety of repair products and techniques to handle every source of basement wall and floor leaks.

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Before and After
  • Basement Crack Repair in Niles, OH
    Basement Crack Repair in Niles, OH

    Basement Crack Repair in Niles, OH

    No homeowner wants to deal with the headache that is a cracked foundation. Cracks can compromise a home's structural integrity, risking stability and inviting moisture problems. That's why one Niles, Ohio homeowner came to The Basement Guys® for help rescuing his basement.


    Our team employed a two-step approach. First, the crack was sealed to prevent water intrusion, a common issue that can lead to further damage. Then, we applied a CarbonArmor® lightweight support strap to reinforce the compromised section of the foundation. Our seamless repair process not only addresses these concerns but also offers long-term peace of mind.


    If you're facing foundation challenges, trust our expert team to secure your home's foundation. With our proven methods, we ensure that cracks are sealed, and structural support is restored. Schedule a no-cost estimate today to learn more about the benefits of foundation repair from The Basement Guys®.

  • Resolving Horizontal Cracking in a Berlin Center, Ohio Home
    Resolving Horizontal Cracking in a Berlin Center, Ohio Home

    Resolving Horizontal Cracking in a Berlin Center, Ohio Home

    When a homeowner began to notice horizontal cracking in his foundation wall, he reached out to The Basement Guys to get their opinion for repair. During the estimate meeting, our team suggested installing CarbonArmor® straps to the wall. These straps are intended to prevent the cracking from growing any larger in size and to create a stable environment for the wall. 

    Our Basement Professionals went through each step to placing the straps. The wall was ground down to create space for the straps and they were sealed against the wall with high-strength epoxy. The system was installed perfectly and created a more stable wall that will not experience any further cracking in the future. 

    For a free estimate, call The Basement Guys today. 

  • FlexiSpan® Solutions in Atwater, Ohio
    FlexiSpan® Solutions in Atwater, Ohio

    FlexiSpan® Solutions in Atwater, Ohio

    A homeowner in Atwater, Ohio noticed a vertical crack in the poured foundation wall of her basement. This crack leaks when it rains heavily and this individual was looking to have the problem repaired quickly. 

    She contacted The Basement Guys for a free estimate. Together, they decided FlexSpan® was the best course of action to stop the leakage and prevent the crack from growing larger. 

    FlexiSpan® includes applying a flexible sealant on the crack. Next, a porous foam is placed over the crack. Finally, a membrane is installed on both sides of the crack to prevent any leakage. 

    This system stops any water leakage that could be coming in through basement walls indefinitely. FlexiSpan® resolved this Atwater homeowner's water leak problem and prevented any further cracking or leaking in the future. 

    If you are experiencing any foundation cracks, contact The Basement Guys for a free estimate today! 

  • CarbonArmor® Straps Stop Further Cracking in Middlefield, Ohio
    CarbonArmor® Straps Stop Further Cracking in Middlefield, Ohio

    CarbonArmor® Straps Stop Further Cracking in Middlefield, Ohio

    Cracking in the walls that make up your foundation can be very concerning for a homeowner. Thankfully, The Basement Guys offer many resolutions to help prevent further cracking or to prevent these cracks from appearing in the first place. 

    A homeowner in Middlefield, Ohio had some extreme cracking happening in their home. They contacted The Basement Guys to discuss their options to rectify their problem. The CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System could stop the cracks from becoming more damaging to this basement. 

    These carbon fiber fabric staps were the perfect solution for this homeowner. He could not be happier with the service he received from our Basement Professionals. 

    To get a free estimate, contact The Basement Guys today. 

  • Basement Waterproofing in Orange, OH
    Basement Waterproofing in Orange, OH

    Basement Waterproofing in Orange, OH

    A homeowner in Orange, Ohio experienced leaks in the foundation walls of their basement. This led to cracking, severe discoloration and other problematic damage. She contacted The Basement Guys® for a free basement waterproofing consultation. After viewing the scope of the problem, our team of experts set to work sealing the cracks and installing new piping and shielding, as well as connecting our WaterGuard® drainage system to the sump pump to prevent future issues. Have you found cracks or water damage in your basement? Call The Basement Guys® today to receive a free basement waterproofing estimate.

Signs Of A Basement Crack

  • Vertical, horizontal, or stair-step wall cracks
  • Cracked concrete slab/basement floor
  • Musty smells
  • Dampness
  • Water leaks or seepage
  • Efflorescence (white, chalky stains)
  • High level of radon detected

Our basement leaking solutions

  • Basement Floor Cracks

    Water can also rise directly through the porous concrete of your floor slab, a problem that's exacerbated when there's a crack. When you have water coming through the floor, the first step is installing a perimeter drain system. We can also install a direct drainage channel, which will help direct any water that comes through the crack into the drain and your sump pump. Finally, we will backfill the crack with stone and cover it with fresh concrete to prevent future leaks.

  • Basement Wall Cracks

    The soil around your foundation is filled with water, and even the smallest crack will allow this groundwater to seep into your basement. Much like with floor cracks, the first step to repairing a leaky wall crack is installing one of our drainage systems. We then use an innovative polyurethane sealant called FlexiSpan® to seal the crack. This flexible sealant will never dry or crack and can flex to the natural movement of your foundation wall, ensuring a completely waterproofed seal.

  • Basement Leaky Windows

    Repaired waterproofed basement window leak in Medina

    A waterproof seal. Prevent future leaks with our basement window sealing system.

    Window frames break down over time, creating separation and allowing water to seep past seals. Once again, the first step for repair window leaks is a drainage system that funnels the water to your sump pump. We will then create a small hole in the wall under the basement window with a plastic fitting that directs any water into the drainage system. This is then sealed with a polymer injection for a clean, waterproof finish.

Repair your leaking basement floor and wall cracks today!

Water can enter your home at any point where there is an opening in the foundation. This includes not only cracks in the basement walls and floors, but around pipes as well. Our floor crack and leaky window solutions provide lasting results that are compatible with your perimeter drainage system and will not crumble, flake off your walls, or fail due to the natural expansion and shrinking of the concrete.

Call the basement waterproofing experts at The Basement Guys® Cleveland today to get started on your crack repair with a free estimate. We offer all our services in Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, North Ridgeville, Medina, Euclid, Brunswick, Lakewood, Cuyahoga Falls, Lorain and throughout the surrounding areas.

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