Case Studies

Basement Finishing Case Studies: Remodeled Basement in Malvern, OH

Monday, August 2nd, 2021 by Cheyenne Brown


A new homeowner in Malvern, Ohio was interested in finishing the basement of his recently purchased home. He was concerned about the potential of water damage in the basement. He wanted to get the professional opinion of The Basement Guys before finishing work began. Our Basement Professionals completed an assessment on this home and offered a free estimate to the homeowner.


During the assessment, our professionally trained waterproofing experts were able to recognize that waterproofing did not need to be performed. There was no indication of damage to the foundation that would lead to water leakage in this home. Our Basement Professionals take pride in offering estimates without any pressure for unnecessary projects.

The basement finishing project was brought back to the forefront of the conversation among our team and the homeowner. The basement this homeowner envisioned included carpet flooring, drop ceilings and wall panels. Our remodeling experts were able to offer product options to complete every part of this finishing project. We installed drop ceilings to allow for a clean look that still has access to important duct and electrical work located in the basement. The EverLast® Wall Panels were able to cover the bare, dark foundation walls to brighten up the basement. Finally, having carpet installed by The Basement Guys kept the space comfortable and cozy for guests and family members to enjoy. If you are considering a basement finish or remodel, contact The Basement Guys for your free estimate