The Basement Guys® Cleveland Q&A

Can work be done during the winter?

Work can be completed year round!

Do you charge for estimates?

Estimates are free of charge to homeowners. All you have to do is contact us and we can schedule a convenient time for you to go over the project you would like to have work done on.

How does concrete become uneven?

Typically during the construction of a home, concrete is installed on top of loose soil. As time goes on, the soil can start settling, shrink, or washes away, which moves the concrete on top. This will cause uneven, sinking, or tilting concrete surfaces. Our new PolyLevel® product can be used to raise the affected concrete area. 

How long have you been in this line of work?

The Basement Guys® Cleveland opened for business in 2000. Our staff has 100+ years of combined experience in the industry.

How much of a mess will I be left with?

There is minimal clean up required by the homeowner. The Basement Guys® do their best to clean for you.

I just bought a house and discovered a problem. Do I have any recourse against the previous owner?

Absolutely. The disclosure statement should have reflected the problem and if the previous owners were aware of the problem, they are obligated to fix it. You can discuss this with one of our representatives and then your attorney. Additionally, if you are selling a house, you have to fix the problem prior to selling the house.

Is financing available?

Yes. We offer financing for almost everyone. For more information please see the financing section of our web site. We also accept all major credit cards.

Is the warranty transferrable?

Yes, the warranty is fully transferable to the next homeowner.

My basement is finished. Will it be ruined after the work is complete?

There is minimal disruption to your basement. In a majority of cases, we can revitalize a finished basement, and since we clean up all of the mess, you can use your basement as soon as work is complete.

What are the signs of a bad foundation?

There are several indicators of a bad foundation but the most common signs are

  1. Horizontal or vertical foundation cracks 

  2. Tilting chimneys

  3. Jamming doors and windows

  4. Inward leaning at the top of the wall

  5. Cracking/sinking slab floors

What causes crawl space damage?

There are four main offenders for crawl space damage. They are humidity, moisture, temperature changes, and water. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards. Great financing options are provided by us as well!

What if I have a problem after the work has been performed?

We will take care of it for you. In the rare instance you have a reoccurring problem, your warranty covers all work performed.

What if I have to be at work while my basement is being fixed?

All work is done by The Basement Guys® Cleveland employees. The Basement Guys® Cleveland is licensed, bonded and insured. We can assure you that we have chosen our employees for their skills as well as integrity.

What is PolyLevel®?

PolyLevel® is a high-strength polyurethane foam used to raise and level concrete slabs and fixtures. It is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and durable enough to support heavy loads.

What makes The Basement Guys® Cleveland better than the competition?

The Basement Guys® Cleveland provides full custom solutions for your unique needs. Our services and products are not one-size-fits-all. We assess your situation and provide the services to remedy your problem.

Will my homeowner's insurance cover the cost?

Unfortunately, in most cases homeowner’s insurance will not cover the cost

Will waterproofing get rid of the mold?

To get rid of mold you need to eliminate the moisture. No company can guarantee the elimination of mold. However, we do eliminate the cause of mold, which is moisture, as well as address the symptoms such as odors.

The Basement Guys® Cleveland is a full-service company. What is included in full-service?

The Basement Guys® Cleveland is a full-service company because of the numerous services we provide beyond merely basement waterproofing. We are your one-stop shop for a variety of services including basement finishing and crawl space repair.