Why Install Foundation Piers in Youngstown, OH?

Foundation walls play a critical role in supporting a house, and their failure can result in significant structural problems. In Youngstown, OH, many homes suffer from foundation wall failure due to a combination of factors such as soil type, construction materials, and age of the property. 


One common cause of foundation wall failure in Youngstown is soil settlement. The city's soil is primarily clay-based, which expands and contracts with moisture changes, leading to foundation movement. As the soil underneath the foundation settles, it creates voids and gaps that cause the foundation to shift, crack, and ultimately fail. In addition, the heavy rainfall in Youngstown can exacerbate the issue by saturating the soil, causing further soil settlement and sinking foundations.


Another factor that contributes to foundation failure is the age and construction materials of the property. Older homes in Youngstown often have stone or brick foundations that were not designed to withstand the pressures of modern living. As the house settles over time, the foundation can crack and shift, leading to structural damage.


One effective solution to repair the damage is by installing foundation piers. Rugged steel piers from The Basement Guys® are driven deep into the ground beneath the foundation, transferring the weight of the house to stable soil or bedrock. There are several types of piers that can be used, including helical piers, push piers, and slab piers. The choice of pier depends on the specific needs of the property and the type of foundation damage present.


Helical piers are ideal for homes with foundation walls that have shifted or settled due to soil issues. They are installed by drilling a screw-like shaft into the ground, which is then anchored to the foundation. Push piers are used for homes with foundation walls that have settled due to a weak soil layer. They are installed by driving steel piers deep into the soil until they reach bedrock or a stable layer. Slab piers are used for homes with concrete slab foundations that have sunk or shifted.


In addition to being an effective solution for repairing foundation walls, piers offer several other benefits. They are cost-effective, compared to other foundation repair methods such as excavation and replacement. They also have a minimal impact on landscaping and can be installed with relatively little disruption to the household's daily routines.


In conclusion, foundation wall failure is a common issue for many homes in Youngstown, Ohio. Soil settlement and age of the property are contributing factors to foundation wall failure. Piers are an effective solution for repairing the damage caused by foundation wall failure. They offer several benefits, including cost-effectiveness and minimal disruption to the homeowner. If you suspect your home's foundation walls may be damaged, it's essential to seek the advice of a professional foundation repair contractor to assess the damage and determine the best solution for your property. To get started, contact The Basement Guys® today and request a free foundation repair estimate for Youngstown, Ohio.