6 Tips to Prepare Your Basement for Work

Whether you're waterproofing a basement or installing new crawl space support jacks, a safe and clear workspace is essential. If you've decided to work with The Basement Guys® on your upcoming project, there are a few things you can do to prepare the space for our experienced contractors. Proper preparation will make their job easier and ensure that the project runs smoothly. Here are some steps you can take to get your basement ready for contractors.


1. Clear Out the Space


The first step is to clear out the space as much as possible. Move any furniture, boxes, or other items that are in the basement to another part of the house. This will give the contractors more room to work and reduce the risk of damage to your belongings. If there are items that you can't move, make sure they are covered and protected from dust and debris. You can use plastic sheeting or drop cloths to cover furniture and other items.


2. Remove Any Hazardous Materials

If there are any hazardous materials in your basement, such as asbestos or lead paint, they will need to be removed before the contractors can begin work. You should hire a professional to do this, as these materials can be dangerous to handle. If you're not sure whether there are hazardous materials in your basement, you can have it tested before the contractors arrive. This will ensure that the space is safe for them to work in.


3. Install Temporary Lighting

Some basements or crawl spaces don't have adequate lighting, which can make it difficult for our crews to work. Before they arrive, you may have to install temporary lighting to ensure that the space is well-lit. You can use work lights or string lights to provide additional lighting. Make sure that the lighting is positioned in a way that won't interfere with the contractors' work.


4. Create a Workspace

If necessary, you should create a designated workspace for the contractors. This will help them stay organized and ensure that they have everything they need to complete the job. You can set up a table or workbench for them to use as a workspace. Make sure that there is enough space for them to move around and access their tools and materials.


5. Provide Access to Electricity and Water

Make sure that the contractors have access to electricity and water. They will need power for their tools and equipment, and they may also need to use water for cleaning or mixing materials. If there are no electrical outlets in the basement, you may need to run an extension cord from another part of the house. Make sure that the extension cord is rated for outdoor use and that it's positioned in a way that won't pose a tripping hazard.


6. Communicate your Expectations

Finally, it's important to communicate your expectations to the contractors. Make sure that we understand what you want to be done and how you want it to be done.

We'll also work with you to establish a clear timeline for the project and make sure that we have everything we need to complete the job correctly and efficiently. Maintaining clear and consistent communication throughout the duration of your project will help prevent misunderstandings and ensure that the work runs smoothly.


Preparing your basement for contractors can be a bit of work, but it's well worth the effort. By following these steps, you can ensure that the space is ready for work and that the project runs smoothly. Ready to get started on your next project? Call The Basement Guys® today to schedule a free estimate.