What is PolyLevel® Foam Injection?

At The Basement Guys®, we're always innovating to offer the best products and solutions for your needs. PolyLevel® injections, also known as polyurethane concrete leveling, is our unique method of lifting and leveling concrete slabs that offers several advantages over traditional mudjacking. In this method, a specialized foam is injected under the concrete slab to lift it back to its original position. As you evaluate your options for concrete lifting in Northeast Ohio, it's important to understand the benefits of foam injection concrete leveling over mudjacking, including its speed of application, durability, and precision.


One of the biggest benefits of foam injection concrete leveling over mudjacking is its speed of application. Unlike mudjacking, which can take days to complete and often requires extensive excavation, concrete leveling with PolyLevel® is typically completed in just a few hours. This quick application time means less disruption to your daily routine and less time waiting for your concrete to be repaired. Additionally, our fast-acting PolyLevel® formula sets in just minutes, meaning you can walk or drive on your repaired concrete almost immediately after the job is completed.


Another advantage of PolyLevel® concrete leveling is its durability. We use a closed-cell polyurethane material that is designed to resist water, pests, and weather. Unlike mudjacking, which uses a slurry mixture of soil, sand, and water, our expanding foam is not susceptible to erosion or degradation over time. This makes it a much more durable solution for permanently lifting and leveling your concrete slabs.


The PolyLevel® system is also more precise than traditional mudjacking. An expert concrete leveling team from The Basement Guys® injects the leveling foam into small holes drilled in the concrete, allowing the material to be precisely placed under the slab. This precision means that the slab can be lifted and leveled to the exact height desired, without the risk of over-compacting the soil underneath or leaving low spots that may settle over time.


Concrete leveling with PolyLevel® foam is also a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Foam injections are ideal for lifting sunken driveways, walkways or sidewalks with minimal disruption to the space, while interior slab leveling through PolyLevel® is just as easy and effective.


Lifting and leveling settled concrete with PolyLevel® expanding foam is an efficient and reliable solution. With its quick application time, long-lasting results, and simple and effective approach, foam injection concrete leveling is quickly becoming the preferred method of concrete leveling for homeowners and businesses in Northeast Ohio. To learn more about this system and our other basement or foundation repair products and services, contact The Basement Guys® today and schedule a free in-home estimate.