Signs You Need Your Basement Waterproofed

Wet basements are common in North East Ohio. With the constant changing weather, rainy season can take a toll on your home and your basement. Gutters aren't the only thing keeping water from entering your home! Basement's are classified as damp environments and can be prone to mold growth. Here are signs to look out for to let you know you need your space waterproofed!


1.) When it rains, does your basement feel exceptionally damp? Even if there isn't water flowing into your home, there may still be some water being absorbed through the foundation, causing the air to retain water. One thing to help with this is installing a dehumidifier. We have multiple options that will optimize your space and keep air moisture away! 


2.) Water pooling on the floor in a corner of your basement or along the walls. After a big rain storm, or even after it snows, if you notice water settling in a section of your basement, big or small, it's time to seriously consider getting your space waterproofed! While the water may dry up on it's own over time, it is imperative that you don't let that happen. This can cause mold growth, among other issues, and needs addressed. We can install under-floor drain systems and sump pumps to move the water away from the corner in your basement and away from your home!


3.) Cracks in your walls. While this is a foundation issue (which we also service) these cracks can also bring water into your basement. The soil around your foundation is very damp and when it rains it can push water into your home. By waterproofing your basement and sealing these cracks, the water will not enter and your basement and any belongings in your basement will stay dry. 


If you notice any of these things in your basement, it is important that you address it. The longer you wait, the bigger the issue may become! The Basement Guys offer no-obligation, free estimates that are good for 12 months! Call today to schedule your estimate appointment!