Breaking Waterproofing Contractor Stereotypes in Cleveland, Ohio

Monday, June 13th, 2022 by Cheyenne Brown

We get it! The stereotype associated with a basement waterproofing contractor is typically negative. The thought is that they will be disrespectful to your home, break things, charge you for things that were not discussed, etc. Who would want to work with a waterproofing contractor if that is what you think will be the case?

The Basement Guys of Cleveland are here to break the stereotype. Our team takes pride in our work and stands behind every waterproofing project with a lifetime warranty. We are entirely respectful of your home during the entirety of the project. Along with that, we work to leave your house cleaner than we found it. This means that all of the products in the work site will be cleaned up, instead of being left behind. Our Basement Professionals are very careful with their work and ensure not to damage anything during the project. 

If you are ready to work with a basement waterproofing contractor that breaks all of the stereotypes, contact The Basement Guys of Cleveland today.