Why fix your home's foundation in Flat Rock, Ohio?

Friday, April 29th, 2022 by Dani Podlaski

Foundation issues will most likely get worse over time and need to be fixed immediately. While many homeowners choose to wait years before calling someone to fix the problem, here are a few reasons why you should not wait to fix your foundation:


The Issue Could Become Drastically Worse

The safety and stability of a home's foundation can be compromised the longer you wait to repair it. Bowing walls are a sign the foundation could cave in.  Foundation issues can also affect the floors on the levels above the basement, slab, or crawlspace, causing them to become bouncy or uneven.


The Problem Could Get More Expensive

Foundation issues usually start small, such as a crack, and grow over time. As the issue continues, it will take more effort and resources to bring the foundation back to a stable condition. The worse the foundation gets, the more likely is it that other issues will arise. These issues can be roof problems or sticking doors and windows, which cost more money to fix.


The Home's Property Value Could Decrease

If a foundation issue is flagged during home inspections, it could indicate a major expense and might sway a potential buyer to not purchase the home.


Foundation projects can be pricey and an inconvenience in the short term, but they will restore property value and ensure a safe living space for homeowners.


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