What Your Orrville, Ohio Sticking Windows and Doors Are Telling You

Wednesday, December 29th, 2021 by Leslie Uphouse

When windows and doors stick in their frames, most people will chalk it up to a case of an older home “settling” and simply live with the inconvenience. After all, it’s not that big a deal to have to put a little extra effort into closing a window or a door, right? You might even pass it off as a charming quirk of your unique home. But sticking doors and windows are more than just a quirk of owning an older home. They can indicate a deeper problem that could have severe repercussions down the line.

Settling isn’t just some catch-all folk tale, it’s a real thing. When your home’s foundation sinks into the soil beneath it over time, it doesn’t do so evenly. One part usually sinks deeper than another. This ends up throwing off the geometry of your home’s entire structure. And now that they’re no longer square and true, these frames aren’t able to allow their doors and windows to operate smoothly. 

What “Settling” Actually Means

Each layer of soil beneath your home has different properties, such as soil type and moisture content. The presence or absence of moisture due to heavy precipitation, drought, tree and plant roots can cause the soil layers beneath your home to compact over time, which in turn causes your home’s foundation to sink. 

Why You Should Fix Your Foundation Now

Foundation problems don’t get better or less expensive to fix with time, and if left long enough, a settling foundation can fail, leading to the loss of the home itself. Foundation repair is no small undertaking and can be intimidating. This is why it’s essential to get your home inspected by a reputable foundation repair company like The Basement Guys! We can fix your Orrville, OH foundation using piers as well as our CarbonArmor® Wall Defense System. We are your local foundation experts! Interested in seeing what we can do to fix your foundation? Call us to schedule a free estimate