Winter Has a Big Impact on the Concrete Around Your Brunswick, Ohio House

Monday, November 1st, 2021 by Leslie Uphouse

When we say the winter months are stressful, you might be thinking about the holidays. But winter can cause a lot of stress for the concrete around your home as well. Many homeowners feel their concrete has moved or deteriorated after winter, and don’t typically notice until all the snow is gone. 

But how does winter weather affect concrete? Everything from snow, sand, and salt, to freezing soil and thawing, impacts your concrete. Water in the soil can freeze and expand, which can heave slabs upwards. Moisture from melting snow can wash away softened soil after the ground has thawed. This leaves a void, and without the soil supporting the concrete, it can start to crack and sink. There are a lot of measures homeowners take to keep ice off concrete surfaces, but unfortunately, many of these methods are harmful. For example, salt accelerates the breakdown by causing corrosion under the surface, leading to cracks and crumbling.

Sometimes the concrete returns back to normal once the ground below has thawed. But it’s also possible the concrete slab stays out of place and needs to be leveled by a professional. The Basement Guys have the best products on the market to fix and protect the concrete around your home this winter. We use PolyLevel® to lift and level your concrete, as well as NexusPro® to repair cracks and seal joints. Both products are made of polyurethane and silicone, which are either inserted or injected below the surface. It does not take long to dry but is permanent and environmentally friendly.

Homeowners who are worried about the long-term effects of winter on their concrete can take preventative measures by sealing and caulking the joints. Let The Basement Guys help! Give us a call for a free estimate in the Brunswick, OH area today. We can seal and caulk your concrete before winter hits.