5 Reasons Why You Should Not Install Drywall in Your Basement

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

You are ready to finish, or possibly refinish your basement into much desired living space. The big question remains- what wall material do you use? Drywall is one of the most commonly used building materials in the U.S. However just because drywall is commonly used in construction does not mean that it is the best material for every area of your home. In fact, the basement is one area where drywall should not be used. Here are some reasons why:

1. Basements are different by design and therefore require different finishing materials.

Basements are constructed below ground with porous materials. Additionally, they are surrounded by soils that are looser and more porous than that above-grade. By their very nature, basements are prone to water intrusion. Therefore, it makes sense that the finishing materials used in your basement should be unique as the basement environment itself.

2. Drywall in a basement promotes mold in a basement.

Drywall is constructed of mostly paper and gypsum. Both of these materials will soak up moisture and grow mold. Once mold is established, the organic compounds in the drywall foster the growth of more mold. Therefore, in the right conditions, drywall basically serves as mold food. Even the mold-resistant drywall materials that are commercially available provide no specific warranty against mold or moisture.

3. Drywall can limit the design of your finished basement.

If you are finishing a basement as living space you will surely like to incorporate your personal style by hanging wall décor, shelves, cabinets etc. Did you know that drywall may limit your creativity to items that are less than ten pounds? In order to have the freedom to decorate your finished basement as you want, you need a strong reliable wall material.

4. Drywall may limit your ability to respond to a basement emergency.

Basement walls and ceilings house the pipes, ducts and wires that are essential to the functioning of your home. When these items need to be serviced, repaired or replaced (particularly in an emergency situation) drywall provides limited access.

5. Drywall adds mess and aggravation to your basement renovation.

There is no way around it – drywall is messy. If you have experienced a drywall project, you likely can still remember the fine white drywall dust that settled everywhere. Additionally, that drywall dust may be more than a nuisance; it can aggravate the nose, eyes and lungs.

So with the limitations of drywall in a basement, what finishing materials do you choose? The materials and company that use to finish your basement should be as unique as your basement environment itself. While there are several pre-finished basement systems on the market today, there is one that was actually designed by basement experts for the basement environment. The expertise of waterproofing and refinishing contractors was combined to create a finishing system that is beautiful, durable and addresses the limitations of drywall. The Basement Guys® Cleveland's basement finishing options are the most efficient and advanced finishing in the market. We have options that offer the smooth, seamless look of drywall but provide resistance to mold, moisture, and mildew. Additionally, this 100% recyclable green product eliminates the mess of drywall and provides the strength to allow your basement decorating ideas to come to life.

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