What are the signs of water problems in your basement?

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Obviously that squishing sound under your feet indicates a problem with water in your basement. However, did you know that your basement may be giving you more subtle signs of a water problem? Additionally, not all basement water problems produce the same warning signs. If you are not aware of the basement warning signs, you may be ignoring a serious problem. Basement water problems are not only an aggravation; they are costly and can affect your property value and even the health of your home.

By taking the time to look for the following signs of water problems in your basement, you can take actions to prevent major issues:

  • Efflorescence – look for a white (or sometimes grayish), chalky material on the floors, walls and other surfaces. These are mineral deposits that are left behind when water dries.
  • Stains – examine the wall areas near the floor. Stains or discoloration could be signs of water problems. If your basement is finished, look for discoloration of tile grout or stains/discoloration on the carpet. If possible, lift a corner of the carpet and examine the tack strip for signs of moisture or dark staining.
  • Rust- rust may be present on concrete floors and carpet. Excess moisture typically causes the metal feet on furniture, nails and carpet tacks to rust.
  • Mold- this is a visual indication of a water problem. While most people are familiar with black mold, mold can also be yellow, brown or green in color. As mold requires moisture to grow, its presence is a sign of water problems that need to be addressed.
  • Odor- excess moisture in a basement often brings an unmistakable musty or damp smell.
  • Physical changes- examine your basement materials, including walls, finished floors and concrete for any visual and structural changes. Excess moisture in concrete or brick can cause flaking or peeling. Examine walls and laminate flooring for signs of bowing or warping.
  • Insects – certain insects, like millipedes, termites, crickets, ants, spiders, beetles, sow bugs, and cockroaches thrive in damp, moist basements. The presence of these water-loving pests could signal problems with basement moisture.

Identifying and understanding the signs of a water problem in your basement is a great first step. In order to correct a known or suspected water problem in your basement, contacting an experienced basement waterproofing contractor is a must! Waterproofing your basement is the best way to protect your property value, add living space and protect the health of your family.

Resolving basement water issues often involves different methods. So, when choosing a contractor, experience and a range of repair options are essential. In Ohio and Pennsylvania, The Basement Guys® Cleveland have been providing tailored solutions to basement problems for over a decade. Their cost-effective, patented solutions will work for your home or business and your budget.

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