Case Studies

The Basement Guys® Cleveland Case Studies: CarbonArmor® and WaterGuard® Fix Wellsville, Ohio House

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 by Leslie Uphouse


In Wellsville, Ohio, homeowners noticed heavy rain causing seepage where multiple walls met. The walls were also bowing from external pressure from the soil, and it was worse during wet months of rain and snow. The husband tried fixing the issue himself but ended up needing professional help to finish the job permanently. 



The Basement Guys were contacted for a free estimate. Our representative assessed what the husband did and noticed small cracks in the walls and the bowing. After quoting the homeowners for the job, they scheduled us to fix the issue. Our team fixed interior and exterior cracks on the walls and installed WaterGuard® and 10 CarbonArmor® straps for the extra wall support.