Case Studies

The Basement Guys® Cleveland Case Studies: Rogers, Ohio Basement Needs Waterproofing

Monday, August 9th, 2021 by Leslie Uphouse


A house built in the Rogers, Ohio area was experiencing mold, moisture, and mildew issues. The homeowner said that the previous owners had created the basement after the house was built, and dug around to fix the problem themselves, but made it worse. They recently purchased the house and needed the issue solved soon. They wanted to get an estimate before proceeding due to the number of repairs the house needed overall. 


The Basement Guys were called to give an estimate. Our representative arrived at their house and discovered that the basement used to be a crawl space that the previous owners converted into a basement. The house needed a lot of work and fixing the basement was one of the problems that The Basement Guys could do! 

Our representative quoted them for WaterGuard® Below Floor Drain, BrightWall®, and a SaniDry® Dehumidifier. The drain would run the water to the existing sump pump, and BrightWall® would trap any moisture or water that leaked in and send it to the drain. The dehumidifier would help with the moisture in the air. The homeowners liked the estimate and are currently discussing the decision. Contact The Basement Guys today for a free estimate in the Rogers area!