Case Studies

The Basement Guys® Cleveland Case Studies: 2 Sump Pumps Needed at East Sparta, Ohio Basement

Monday, January 17th, 2005 by Leslie Uphouse


In East Sparta, Ohio, a basement owned by a woman for 6 months started having water issues. There was water entering from the corner at the bottom of the wall every time it rained. There were visible horizontal cracks but this was not the cause of the water leakage.  


The Basement Guys were contacted for a free estimate. Our representative quoted her for WaterGuard® to help stop water seepage from spreading. The representative also quoted her for SuperSump® Premier Sump Pumps and UltraSump® Battery Backup System in case they failed. 

Contact The Basement Guys today for a free estimate in the East Sparta area. We would love to fix your water issues.