Case Studies

The Basement Guys® Cleveland Case Studies: Multistep Waterproofing in Columbiana, Ohio

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 by Leslie Uphouse


A homeowner living in a house built in 1993 began experiencing water damage issues. There was water coming into the basement after it rained, and mold was found on some of the carpeting. Mildew and moisture were also present. The Basement Guys were contacted for a free estimate and began examining the walls. Our representative did not find any cracks on the wall or floor and was wondering how the water damage was coming into the house. 


After taking a look outside, the representative found the downspout broken, and notice a path in the ground where water was traveling. It was going straight towards the wall! He determined that the downspout water was seeping through the soil and coming in where the wall and floor meet. The downspout would need to be replaced and shifted away from the house and the damage cleaned to prevent additional water damage.

The lady agreed and scheduled us to do the job. Our team added a dehumidifier and cleaned up the mold and water damage as best as they could. They installed the RainChute EZ® DownSpout and angled it away from the house.