Case Studies

The Basement Guys® Cleveland Case Studies: Unexpected WaterGuard® Installation in Warren, Ohio

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 by Cheyenne Brown


A homeowner was in the process of listing his unused property for sale. While getting this home ready to put on the market, he noticed a water leakage in the basement where the wall and floor meet. This issue was bringing the price down significantly for his potential listing, so this homeowner was determined to repair the leakage and get the most value for his property.
The realization of the water leakage was frustrating on its own, but there was also the hiccup that this was happening extremely close to a holiday season. The time of year was leaving this Warren, Ohio homeowner hitting deadends with companies that could complete the job within his timeframe. The Basement Guys were not only able to offer a solution to repair his problem but were also able to complete the project in time for him to list the home when he was expecting.


This homeowner was able to get a free estimate from The Basement Guys and we recommended our WaterGuard® Below Floor Drain system and a SuperSump® Premier Sump Pump System. Both products are designed to help waterproof basements. They redirect any unwanted water entering the basement to a drain or to the pump to push it out to keep that area useful.
The combination of these products was able to get the water problem under control in time for this homeowner to list his property for sale without bringing the price down any further. This homeowner was very appreciative of the timely response to the problem in his basement and the understanding of the urgency to complete the repair.
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