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The Basement Guys® Cleveland Before & After Photos

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Basement Remodel in Canfield

These wonderful homeowners wanted to redo their basement! Here is a glance at the before and after views of their closet. 

New Entertaining Space in Lore City, Ohio Home

Homeowners in Lore City, Ohio envisioned turning their unfinished basement into a beautiful space for entertaining. Our team installed Everlast™ Wall Panelsdrop ceiling tiles, ThermalDry® Elite Plank Flooring, doors, a bathroom, and a built-in bar area.

The homeowners were thrilled with their new, bright space and cannot wait to show it off to their friends and family!

Double Home Gutter Replacement in Brookfield, Ohio

One individual in Brookfield, Ohio owns two homes that are used as rental properties. Both of the gutter systems were older and needed to be replaced on these homes. One of the gutter systems fell off of the house because of the weight of the debris that the gutter was filled with. 

Once the gutter fell off the home, the need for a new system became an emergency. The first call this homeowner made was to The Basement Guys to discuss replacing the gutter systems of both homes. 

Our Basement Professionals were able to provide a free estimate and suggestions for the best option for each home. A gutter system that posses a wide mouth opening at the bottom was best fitting for these homes. This option would allow for water to continuously flow without being disrupted by debris. The excessive amount of leaves and debris was what made the previous gutter system too heavy and become detached from the home. 

For a free estimate, contact The Basement Guys today. 

CleanSpace® Wall Barrier Restore a Minerva, Ohio Basement

Water sitting on a painted block foundation wall can chip away at the paint and leave the area unsightly and musty. The unwanted moisture not only makes a basement feel uncomfortable but can also create a space that is unsafe for your family. 

A homeowner in Minerva, Ohio decided to clean up their basement and make it a safe place again. The Basement Guys came highly recommended to this family, so they made the call to get an estimate. 

Our Basement Professionals were able to assess the basement area and recommend having some waterproofing products installed. These products help to keep the basement walls and floor dry. Removing the moisture also works to remove any mold growth or rot. 

WaterGuard® Below Floor Drain and CleanSpace® Wall Vapor Barrier was installed to create a waterproof area for this Minerva, Ohio home. The WaterGuard® Drain reroutes the water that was coming into the basement to a sump pump system. The wall barrier system prevents water vapor from entering your basement from the foundation wall. Just like the drain, this item redirects any moisture to the sump pump to keep the basement dry. 

This homeowner is no longer suffering from a wet and moldy basement. The Basement Guys offer the best solution for each unique situation. To get a free estimate for your situation, contact us today!

Burghill, Ohio Waterproofing via WaterGuard®

This home in Burghill, Ohio needed waterproofing. The Basement Guys gave them a free estimate for WaterGuard® and let our team do the job. Check out the before and after from the job! 

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